ReactiveUI v7.2.0 released

Learn these three buttons

Announcing ReactiveUI virtual community meetups

ReactiveUI v7.1.0 released

ReactiveUI v7.0.0 released

Semantic Versioning of Xamarin Applications

Announcing Serilog.Sinks.Xamarin

Announcing Cake.Raygun

Announcing Cake.AppleSimulator

Example of Xamarin iOS with Cake

Example of Xamarin Android with Cake

Announcing Cake.AndroidAppManifest

Announcing HttpClientDiagnostics

HttpClientDiagnostics is a cross platform, portable class library that provides tracing/logging telemetry of Microsoft.Net.HttpClient requests.

Automatic installation/updating of the Android SDK on Windows

How to automatically agree to Android SDK licenses and automatically update/install on a headless Windows/AppVeyor CI host.

SimInformation released

SimInformation is a cross-platform library that provides a way to access information from your SIM card, such as ICCID, MCC, IMSI, MSID, MNC and MSISDN.