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🙌 I’m Geoff, an open source software engineer. I’m responsible for authoring and maintaining tools that enable software developers deliver business value faster and easier. Gone are the days where a developer had to start every project by defining their own IO, data structures and subroutines. Modern developers rely on frameworks, third-party libraries and other niceties that used to take hundreds of developer person hours before writing any business logic. That’s where I come in. Software that I maintain is inside Microsoft Visual Studio, GitHub, Atlassian Sourcetree, Amazon Drive, Halo, Slack, is heavily used by the financial services industry and has been installed by other software developers 21 million times.

I’m a multi-discipline servant leader that’s always learning through knowledge application and shipping small increments. I have a deep background in consulting, software engineering, infrastructure automation, cattle and pet (data centre, midrange, virtualization, storage, disaster recovery) infrastructure management.

When I’m not authoring code, you will find me building communities, passing down knowledge to others, mentoring first timers and pondering how to make open-source more inclusive. I’ve recorded sessions within the Microsoft CH9 studio, delivered talks at community events and large technical conferences. You’ll often find me on Twitch teaching people how to write software. I use it to remove the mystery of open-source and introduce people to what being an opensource maintainer entails.

Being a maintainer, and focusing that level of effort is a labour of love, but a labour none the less. If you or your company uses open-source software or appreciates the work I do in open source, please consider supporting me directly as it’s pretty clear that software actually costs something, and that even though it may be offered freely, somebody is paying the cost.

Opinions expressed publicly are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my clients unless otherwise stated. Do not quote me as “$company person Geoffrey Huntley said” – if I speak for a company, I will publish on its channels. This is my personal slice of the internet. Everything here is me and is my opinion.

I’m currently in Sydney, Australia. I’m observing the AEST timezone.