SimInformation released

SimInformation is a cross-platform library that provides a way to access information from your SIM card, such as ICCID, MCC, IMSI, MSID, MNC and MSISDN.

ReactiveUI stickers released

Using ReactiveUI or just want more street cred at the next meetup? Slap one of these bad boys on your laptop lid to attract those nods of approval.

iOS artwork archive updated

Today, the archive of iOS design assets has been updated to include all releases up to and including v9.2.

pbcopy & pbpaste released for Windows

Your favourite OSX command line clipboard manipulation libraries pbcopy and pbpaste are now available on Windows.

Resolving Windows Phone OS is starting

A quick tech-tip on how to resolve the issue whereby the Windows Phone 8.x or 10.x emulators stall upon launch at the initial "Windows Phone OS is starting..." loading screen.