If you have been thinking about taking on #vanlife then the topic of keeping clean seems daunting at first but in reality, it's quite simple...

Geoffrey Huntley

People when they hear about my plans they always ask the same to basic questions.

1) where do you goto the toilet (pssst answered here)
2) how do you stay clean (pssst answered below)

wet wipes

If you are in the desert, on a hike or somewhere where conserving water is of the utmost importance then scrub your arse, underarms and toes with seperate wet-wipes then toss them into the campfire.


A membership to Anytime Fitness provides access to 4,000 locations in 50 countries. If you are going to be spending any time near a city then picking up a membership to Anytime Fitness is a fantastic idea.

swimming pools

Acquatic centers always have showers. If you are in the country and there's no nearby gyms then hit up Google Maps for directions to the nearest swimming pool.

a black bag

If I'm going to be somewhere remote for only a day or so then my goto option is filling up a black bag with water and throwing it on the bonnett of the van whilst the sun is out. I have hooks on the barn doors of the van where the bag can be hung from.


If I'm going to be somewhere remote for extended stays - like in a state forest then the evershower is my goto option. It's best to think of the evershower in terms of a bathtub that shoots water.

The shower works by recycling the water you add in the begining. It takes me about 10 minutes to boil enough hot water from my 240v kettle. After the kids and I have finished showering we remove the plug to drain the water.

With some small tweaks and accessories it's possible to remove the need to manually heat up the water.  

public showers

There are public showers everywhere in Australia, which are well documented in https://www.wikicamps.com.au/. Options range from literal public showers operated by the council to caravan parks, showgrounds.

showering with multi million dollar views

It's a good idea to always wear crocs in public showers because, unfortunately, people are known to deficate in the showers it seems. If that reason doesn't convince ya, then consider that athlete's foot thrives in damp/wet conditions.

fire bath

A firebath is basically a bath with a fire under it. If you are camping with a bunch of hippies on crown land or want to throw a banging party under the stars this is what you need. It is preferable to use a cast iron bathtub as opposed to the thinner pressed iron tubs as the cast iron allows the heat to be more evenly distributed.

A cast iron tub can be found at most scrap metal yards for $10 - $15. You'll need about eight people to carry it on their shoulders into the forest however...

When constructing the bath it is critical to do two things for safety:

  • Do not use rocks from the creek, they will explode when heated up
  • Line rocks and/or timber on the inside of the bathtub and be seated on that rather than bare metal, otherwise you will burn your arse.

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