ReactiveUI stickers released

Using ReactiveUI or just want more street cred at the next meetup? Slap one of these bad boys on your laptop lid to attract those nods of approval.

iOS artwork archive updated

Today, the archive of iOS design assets has been updated to include all releases up to and including v9.2.

pbcopy & pbpaste released for Windows

Your favourite OSX command line clipboard manipulation libraries pbcopy and pbpaste are now available on Windows.

Resolving Windows Phone OS is starting

A quick tech-tip on how to resolve the issue whereby the Windows Phone 8.x or 10.x emulators stall upon launch at the initial "Windows Phone OS is starting..." loading screen.

Debugging a Fody Weaver (Plugin) and/or debugging MSBuild

Last night at an ungodly hour I did a massive refactor on a prototype codebase with no unit tests and now the once working project now no longer compiles because something I did is causing the most excellent Fody to blow up. Normally you would just go and do a bisect using git but in this case I didn't incrementally commit on each change as I was on my own branch and the work was all related to a single higher unit of work. Old habits die hard, sometimes they come back to bite you hard...

GeoCoordinate Portable Released

GeoCoordinate is a Portable Class Library compatible implementation of System.Device.Location.GeoCoordinate. It is an exact 1:1 API compliant implementation and will be supported until MSFT sees it fit to embed the type. Which at that point this implementation will cease development/support and you will be able to simply remove this package and everything will still work.

How to publish packages to NPM

A quick overview/rundown on how to setup NPM, create and publish a package.

Extending Refit (to decompress files)

Now by default Refit will automatically deserialize the response returned from Microsoft.Net.Http into the approprate type as specified on the interface. This automatic behaviour can be disabled by specifying `HttpResponseMessage` as the return type which will instead return the raw response. Thanks to the magical powers of extension methods on interfaces Refit can be extended to add additional methods to the API client such as exposing a method that unwraps the archive and returns a perfectly deserialized object.

Implements Microsoft.Build.Framework.ITask Error

Now in this particular instance the root course was NuGet wasn't configured correctly and multiple projects had been manually edited to add in the `Microsoft.Bcl.Build` task at a non-standard hard coded location which did not exist because `.gitignore` had been properly configured.

Specify the default value for a dependency property

When working with UserControls on Xamarin Forms / WPF, values of the control should be bindable by the consumer. Here's a quick example of this in action and how to specify a default value if the consumer does not bind to the property.

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Stuck behind a NTLM based proxy server in a windows only corporate environment on a MacBook? Here's how you can make the best out of a bad situation.

Xamarin In A Corporate Environment

Stuck doing Xamarin development in a windows only corporate environment on a MacBook? Here's how you can make the best out of a bad situation.

Apple USB Network Drivers for Windows

On the back of the packaging of the Apple USB Network Adapter there’s a little disclaimer that mentions that it can be only used with a Apple MacBook. This is not true, here's how you can get it running on Windows Vista, 7, 8.x and 10.