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Geoffrey Huntley (λ)

I work remotely from a van that is slowly working its way around Australia.

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✨ #web3 & #NFTs ✨

Registration is now open for the Crypto Policy Symposium, September 5th and 6th. A virtual conference to promote critical analysis of the crypto space ‘Extortion’: Why Web3 is making a lot of software developers angry Tech experts urge Washington to resist crypto industry's influence Someone Right-Clicked Every NFT In The Heist Of The Century Right Clicking All The NFTs is a sneak peak at what social media looks like on Web3 $ curl -I

✨ #vanlife ✨

There are six internet links on my office on wheels. Seven when Starlink arrives. Reflections on software development from anywhere on an iPad my office is a tent that my employer purchased for me a new chapter: full-time working from a van in a forest

✨ #auspol ✨

COVIDSafe: Australia’s digital contact tracing failure Experts call for rethink of COVIDSafe app