Cake Build

I’ve contributed a variety of features to Cake-Build and have authored quite a few addins


Objective-C debug symbols (dSYM) are essential to debugging Xamarin iOS application crashes. I created a Cake add-in uploads these symbols to which creates delightfully readable stack traces which aid you in tracking down those bugs. The add-in is available via NuGet or GitHub.


Manage (simctl) Apple iOS/watchOS/TV Simulators using Cake. I created this addin so folks could run automated end-to-end tests locally before running them on real devices in the Xamarin Test Cloud. Here’s a testamonial from Robert who is using it to save $200K USD a year:

I am using it as one of a series of required criteria for submitting commits/pull requests before allowing those changes to ripple up through a chain of tiered automated unit testing that start on a small CI and mobile test cloud before allowing it to get to the full-blown test cloud. Just yesterday it blocked 6 pull requests due to iOS specific code mistakes that would have normally consumed about 3 hours of private mobile cloud time at $500/hour, over a year we are expecting it to save a minimum of 120 hours on cloud time, we are also doing with Android AVDs, and macOS VMs and are seeing a saving $200k a year in test hours.

The add-in is available via NuGet or GitHub.