• What’s something you work with fairly regularly and understand 80% of, but not 100%?
  • What’s a new technology or technique that you’ve heard of recently, but don’t know much about?
  • Do you have a particular workflow that you use and really like?
  • What’s an accepted practice that “everyone knows” but that you (or others) haven’t looked into for a while?
  • Think of a problem you’ve had in the past month or two.

    • If you did solve it, how did you solve it? Were there other ways you could have solved it? Why did you pick the way that you did?

    • If you came across the same problem again, what would you have done differently?

    • If you didn’t solve it, what went wrong? How could others avoid it in the future?

  • What’s your hobby? What lessons are shared between your hobby and your job?