Sydney Technology Leaders - Techtivus (2018)


Owen: "Many years ago I was a developer and I went to merge my code. I saw the guy next to me working on the same module so I rushed to merge before him. But he got there before me and my code was redundant. As I rained down snide code review comments on him, I thought, “There has to be a better way to vent my tech anger!”

Kris: "What happened to the code?!"

Owen: "Oh that was lost when the product was decommissioned. But out of that a new tech festival was born..."

Yes, we're celebrating the end of 2018 with our version of Tech Festivus - aka Techtivus. We're all going to get together and Air Our Grievances about all the ways tech has disappointed us this year! Come prepared with a rant of your own and be ready to laugh a lot. There may even be an aluminum pole with no decoration. (We find tinsel distracting.)

And no Feats of Strength, we promise...

Some of our ranters will include: