NDC Sydney (2018)


As software developers we often make use of open-source software (OSS) but do we ever think about all the man hours that go into developing and supporting the project. When OSS breaks, or we need a new features, we log an issue on gitHub and then sit back awaiting a response.

After a week of waiting we start complaining about how badly the project is run. The thing about OSS that's too often forgetten, it's AS-IS, no exceptions. Different projects may operate differently, with more or less people, with work being prioritised differently, on differing release schedules but in all cases the software delivered is as-is, meaning that there is absolutely no SLA. In this talk we'll look at a day in the life of an OSS maintainer: what drives them, what annoys them and what keeps them up at night. Maintainers aren't jerks, they just care about the project more than you do.