NDC Sydney (2017)


Knowledge of reactive programming changes you as a developer, makes you better and aligns your career with where the industry is going. One of the cool things about reactive programming is that the knowledge is universal across programming languages.

When AngularJS was released, people adopted it, and then version v2.0 (cough 4.0) came out and all of that accumulated framework knowledge had to be thrown away; such a waste. Interesting enough, you now need to know reactive programming to be an Angular developer - that's what the breaking change was - the Angular team has embraced reactive programming (RxJS) and IObservable with open arms.

If you ever decide to move away from user interface development to backend development you'll need to know reactive programming as it is the staple tool of choice for stream processing and event based architectures. Likewise, if you decide it's time to move on from the .NET ecosystem then this knowledge is directly portable and can be directly applied in that ecosystem because there's an implementation for and vibrant community in that ecosystem.

If you are sick of investing time into learning transitory knowledge - then this is the session for you.