Keybindings and commands

Types, autocomplete, refactoring, and linting

<Tab>Autocomplete with words in file
<C-space>Autocomplete with symbols in your Cabal sandbox
,htShow type of expression under cursor
,hTInsert type of expression into previous line
,hrApply one refactoring hint at cursor position
,hRApply all refactoring suggestions in the file
,hlRun Haskell linter on file
,hcRun Haskell compile check on file
,<cr>Clear type selection


,hhRun Hoogle on the word under the cursor
,hHRun Hoogle and prompt for input
,hiRun Hoogle for detailed information on word under cursor
,hIRun Hoogle for detailed information and prompt for input
,hzClose the Hoogle search window

GHCI repl

If you open a tmux terminal alongside MacVim then you can send Vim selections to it. This works well for evaluating things in GHCI.

,rsSend selected text to tmux
,rvChange tmux session, window, and pane attachment


,g?Last-committed files (Monday morning key)
,gsGit status (fugitive)
,ggGit grep
,glGit log (extradition)
,gdGit diff
,gbGit blame


gcComment / Uncomment selection


,a=Align on equal signs
,a,Align on commas
,a|Align on vertical bar
,apAlign on character of your choice

Splits and find file

,<space>Fuzzy file find (CtrlP)
,fToggle file browser, find file
,FToggle file browser
,sjOpen split below
,skOpen split above
,shOpen split leftward
,slOpen split rightward


,tgGenerate tags with codex
,ttOpen/close the tag bar
C-]Jump to definition of symbol (codex + hasktags)Note: You must generate the tags for your project (with ,tg) prior to using the jump command.
C-\Show uses of symbol (hscope)


,h.Transform visual selection to pointfree style
,h>Transform visual selection to pointed style


,bpPrevious buffer
,bnNext buffer
,b<space>Buffer fuzzy finder
,bdDelete buffer, keep window open (bbye)
,boClose all buffers except the current one


,maEnable mouse mode (default)
,moDisable mouse mode
,igToggle indentation guides
,uInteractive undo tree
,ssEnable spell checking
,eOpen file prompt with current path
,<cr>Clear search highlights
,rRedraw screen
C-hMove cursor to leftward pane
C-kMove cursor to upward pane
C-jMove cursor to downward pane
C-lMove cursor to rightward pane (redraw is `,r` instead)
gqFormat selection using `hindent` for haskell buffers (`par` for others)
,yYank to OS clipboard
,dDelete to OS clipboard
,pPaste from OS clipboard

(If you prefer to restore the default screen redraw action of C-l then add unmap <c-l> to your vimrc.local)