React Native

Developer Menu

The developer menu is disabled on production builds. Use the ⌘D shortcut when the application is running in the iOS Simulator or ⌘M when running in an Android emulator. Alternatively the command adb shell input keyevent 82 will open the developer menu.


Use ⌘R in the iOS Simulator, or tap R twice on Android emulators but why do it manually when you can do it automatically? Enable automatic reloading by selecting "Enable Live Reload" from the Developer Menu.

Exposing ObjC/Java to the NativeModules Bridge


#import "CalendarManager.h"
#import <React/RCTLog.h>

@implementation CalendarManager


RCT_EXPORT_METHOD(addEvent:(NSString *)name location:(NSString *)location)
  RCTLogInfo(@"Pretending to create an event %@ at %@", name, location);

Consuming ObjC/Java via the NativeModules bridge

import {NativeModules} from 'react-native';
var CalendarManager = NativeModules.CalendarManager;
CalendarManager.addEvent('Birthday Party', '4 Privet Drive, Surrey');