ReactiveUI v7.2.0 released

Published on Sunday, February 26, 2017

As part of this release we had 34 commits which resulted in 27 issues being closed.

All Platforms

  • #1282 feat: a more flexible default view locator
  • #1261 feat: allow interaction handlers of any observable type
  • #1255 feat: add scheduling support to interactions
  • #1283 fix: add UseInvariantCultureAttribute and apply to relevant tests
  • #1274 fix: ensure synchronous command execution is lazy. Note that this is a potentially breaking change if your existing usage of synchronous commands is incorrect. See the issue for details.
  • #1247 fix: catch exceptions from InvokeCommand
  • #1244 fix: complete command execution only when pipeline completes
  • #1235 fix: InvokeCommand targets ReactiveCommandBase, not ReactiveCommand
  • #1289 perf: use shared, static observables to reduce allocations
  • #1236 perf: remove superfluous AsObservable calls in ReactiveCommand
  • #1269 test: add activation tests
  • #1268 style: tidy up and expand comments in activation code

Xamarin Android

  • #1250 feat: more flexible WireUpControls implementation

Xamarin Forms

  • #1270 feat: synchronize ViewModel and BindingContext properties
  • #1281 fix: assign VM from correct thread in RoutedViewHost


  • #1180 feat: enable unit test coverage/coveralls
  • #1267 style: tidy up comments for binding code
  • #1263 chore: failing to set the appveyor version should not be a fatal build error
  • #1257 chore: resolved gitlink wasn't working because pdbs/xml were not included because of a packaging defect
  • #1252 chore: rename MobileLifecycle.cs to SuspensionHost.cs
  • #1238 chore: removed next-version definition


  • #1243 docs: delete docs folder
  • #1198 docs: document pull-request merging guidelines/process
  • #1197 docs: document release process for contributors

Where to get it

You can download this release from

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