Learn these three buttons

A co-worker today, voiced that

People who dislike Reply All due to 'noise' are people who need to learn more about managing their email. For example, experience suggests that most of these people don't know that the "Ignore Conversation" button exists in Outlook.

WHAT?! - there's a button for that? Holy crap. It turns out I've been doing Outlook wrong for a very long time and there's a bunch of other productivity nuggets sitting right there in the toolbar!

Learn these three buttons

The first one - Ctrl + Del - deletes the current conversation thread, and all future messages in it. It's the unsubscribe button.

The second one - Ctrl +Alt +R - takes the current email thread and turns it into a meeting invite. This keeps the conversation history together, so that you have the context when you get to the meeting. It also saves you going and swapping to your calendar and typing a whole new subject.

The third one - no keyboard shortcut - fires up an IM conversation with the people involved. It takes the subject of the current email thread, and sets it as the topic in the Skype for Business chat. This displays in the chat window's title bar. This means you can just jump straight into the conversation, without having to mess around with Hey, about that <summary of email>