GeoCoordinate Portable Released

It has always irked me that System.Device.Location.GeoCoordinate was never included in any portable class library profiles. I mean, it's a type that is used all the freaking time when doing any form of mobile development involving mapping or location services. There's a open ticket on UserVoice requesting for it to be implemented, but until that happens pretty much every Xamarin/UWP developer out there is copy and pasting their own implementation/interpretation of the class between their applications.

Enough of this madness, today I'm releasing a 1:1 exact API compliant implementation and which will be supported until MSFT sees it fit to include the type by default. The thoery is if you take this package as a dependency, when/if MSFT embeds the type you will be able to uninstall the library and everything will still work after deleting all of the using GeoCoordinatePortable; references.

Supported Platforms


Installation is done via NuGet:

PM> Install-Package GeoCoordinate


GeoCoordinate pin1 = new GeoCoordinate(lat, lng);
GeoCoordinate pin2 = new GeoCoordinate(lat, lng);

double distanceBetween = pin1.GetDistanceTo(pin2);

For more examples, refer to the MSDN reference documentation over at: