Announcing ReactiveUI virtual community meetups

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We are going to start holding virtual meetups every month using either Google Hangouts or Skype for Business. Everyone is invited to participate. We will use this forum to teach the concepts and thought process behind functional reactive programming/the reactive extensions/reactiveui and share the roadmap/opportunities for community members to get started with open source.

Reactive Programming is one of the most rewarding things you can learn

Everyone is invited to participate, please suggest a topic using the GitHub issues. If you are just getting started on your journey with reactive programming, follow this process to get an invitation to our Slack organization. Together we learn faster.

We meet every 2nd tuesday of the month at 08:00am AEST (Sydney, Australia)

Every 2nd tuesday of the month at 08:00am AEST Sydney, Australia

The first meetup is scheduled for the 14th of Feb at 08:00 AM AEST. The session will be a retrospective and planning for the future, followed by questions from the community.

For more information, visit this repository on GitHub. Click on “Star” and “Watch This Repository” to be automatically notified about upcoming meetups.

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