Announcing Cake.AndroidAppManifest

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A Cake Build addin for [de]serializing and updating an Android AppManifest is now available via NuGet or GitHub.


Add the following reference to your cake build script:

#addin "Cake.AndroidAppManifest"


// load
var manifest = DeserializeAppManifest(new FilePath("AndroidManifest.xml"));

// adjust as needed
manifest.MinSdkVersion = 24;
manifest.PackageName = "com.example.mycoolapp";
manifest.VersionName = "1.0";
manifest.VersionCode = 10;
manifest.ApplicationIcon = "@mipmap/ic_launcher";
manifest.ApplicationLabel = "Android Application";
manifest.Debuggable = false;

// save
SerializeAppManifest(new FilePath("AndroidManifest.xml"), manifest);

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