SimInformation released

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SimInformation is a cross-platform library that provides a way to access the following information from your SIM card:

  • Integrated Circuit Card ID. (ICCID)
  • Mobile Country Code. (MCC)
  • International Mobile Subscriber Identity. (IMSI)
  • Mobile Station ID. (MSID)
  • Mobile Network Code. (MNC)
  • Mobile Subscriber International ISDN Number. (MSISDN)


The API is rather straight forward

var simInformation = new SimInformation();
IReadOnlyList<SimCard> simCards = simInformation.GetAllCards();


Instead of newing up the implementation each time you need it, register it into your IoC/DI container:

# example registration using splat
Locator.CurrentMutable.RegisterConstant(() => new SimInformation(), typeof(ISimInformation));

Then use it in your viewmodel or services as needed:

# example integration with reactiveui
public class MyCoolViewModel : ReactiveObject
    private readonly ISimInformation _simInformation;
    public MyCoolViewModel(ISimInformation simInformation = null)
        _simInformation = simInformation ?? Locator.Current.GetService<ISimInformation>();

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